Timeshare & Condominium Rental HOmeowners association

From the Board

 March, 2019

Our Colorado natural beauty is almost common and right before our eyes such a common thing that we forget to stop, take a breath and enjoy what God has given us. The majestic Rocky Mountains have a magnetic force that draws us here and back again. Our snow once again this year has been a huge hit to our budget but thanks to your board it’s something we can take in stride. Okay maybe a little limp but we’re still standing and that’s a huge improvement. 

The forces of Mother Nature are fierce and if not prepared can result in some sad consequences up here and this year has been epic for avalanches (maybe the Stanley Cup too) but the mountains are dangerous and even the highways are making national news so be careful and prepare if you’re a back country person. 

The golden rule of life is to be conscious of your moral compass and treat others as you would want to be treated. This is said because our staff that’s in the office is short handed, and sadly at our busiest time of the year, so please be patient and take a breath before you unleash regrettable things upon our kind people working hard and extra long hours to make us happy. If you’re short of inventory items, or you just need some extra items just make a note and they will take care of it and as fast as possible. It’s already missing, so being angry and shouting at the desk doesn’t get it there faster. Take a breath and be true to yourself. 

Once again the buildings have taken some heavy hits during these past few months and we’ve had some damage from leaks and frozen pipes, as well as damage to some interiors. Nothing is taken lightly and it’s always a wrenching decision to claim or not to claim against our insurance. But as always, the staff is taking good care of it and we’ll make the necessary moves to make sure our owners and guests are taken care of. 

Bonus Time? This is a million dollar question every year and fills my mail box frequently. There are a TON of factors that weigh into the availability and all of it is due to us the owners. If we could get everyone to notify the office sooner with our availability, that’s one huge step. The major player in the availability is our non paying owners that are leaving us in a bad way. In a number of ways, but just because we have the time available doesn’t mean we can use it. The owner has until Friday before their week to pay any dues in arrears and use their week. So we can’t book it unless they let us know it’s available. It’s likely a 100% chance that they don’t, but our by-laws protect us for that very reason and we can’t make the rules different just every now and again to please us. So the fact is we can do better notifying the office, and it’s incumbent upon ALL of us to keep our dues current; that makes French Ridge bonus time a more viable option for everyone. 

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM…….. Once again it’s upon us and in record numbers now. Even the feds are taking this serious and applying new laws and punishment for scum bags that set out with the sole intention of stealing from us. 

FACT!!! FACT!!! You cannot give your week away! FACT! You are responsible for your dues and you were not lied to nor cheated nor put upon to buy YOUR deeded timeshare property. It’s a recorded deed with the county and NO, THERE IS NO ONE that can take your week and make YOUR RESPONSIBILITY go away, no matter how much or little you pay them. It’s been said a million times, if they call you with the chance to “..get out of your timeshare and high dues…” it’s a 

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! Just hang up and call us if you have questions. ANYONE cold calling you about selling, dues exploration, unfair representation and so on is a SCAM artist so JUST HANG UP!  I have gone undercover as a disgruntled owner with a number of these companies and once I get the legal stuff out they’re gone, no trace and no return calls. It’s a scam; just hang up!!! 

Yes we do have legal precedence that protects us and yes we are prepared to use it against the thieves if needed and the end of the story is that you’ll still owe the dues and penalties. So please just hang up or call the office and learn of your options. I promise you the ownership you have right now is becoming more viable and the ability to trade through one of the other agencies is more lucrative for you as a French Ridge owner than ever before. 

As a board we are trying to improve the ownership value for you the owner and we are meeting in mid March to explore options. At this meeting a new budget will be worked on and presented shortly after for 2019 and there’s no doubt in my mind the board once again will work long and hard to keep us on the road to fiscal responsibility.

A SPECTACULAR piece of news is our new face on our web page  https://frenchridgehoa.com.  Please take a peek at it. Your ever-present and vigilant board member Kathy Higginbotham has done an amazing job with it!

Once again my loquacious linguistic bank account is over drawn and I’ll bid you farewell…. for now….

Dan Farley, 

President French Ridge HOA